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Transformers 6 New Hollywood movie 2018 Full HDRip | cast and crew | short Story | Offical Trailer | Box office

Transformer 6 new Hollywood movie 2018


Movie Release Date 
24 July 2019

2hr 54min

Trailer Release Date
 4 September 2018

7:11 minute


Description:- The movie Transformers 6 is blockbuster full 4K action movie release on the 24 July 2019. its Trailer are release on the Youtube channel "9 movies". The movie Transformer 6 is fully Adventure 2019 movie. In the Movie, John WWE fighter is Role and the Hailee Steinfeld is a hot new actress acts a partner of the bumblebee which is a robot.
The Transformers 6 is a movie is the part of the Transformers movie which directed by the Travis.

                                                Cast and Crew

Travis Knight:- Travis Knight is the director of the movie Transformers
Travis Knight is born in 13-September-1973 (age 45) on the USA. Travis Knight is a Professional animator, Producer, and Director. Travis Knight is married and it has Three Children. Read more Bio-Data  

John Cena:- John Cena is a Professional WWE fighter and Actor in Hollywood Film industry. John Cena Born in the 13-April-1977 (age 41). John Cena is a multi-time champion in  WWE fighting. John Cena is also a Rapper. John Cena father name is also a John Cena. Read more Bio-Data  

Hailee Steinfeld:- Hailee Steinfeld is new Trending Hot and Sexy Hollywood actress. Hailee Steinfeld is Born on 11-December-1996 in Tarzana, California, USA. She is also a Singer and Pop-Dancer. Her name is Cheri and she bothers name is a griffin. Read more Bio-Data

Basic Detail of the Robotic movie Transformer 6

The New Hollywood movie Transformer 6 is released in 2019. The movie has Full action and Adventurous movie. All the Previous Part Transformer is based on the saving earth. The Transformer 6 is just like the previous movie but in the movie had some changes in the movie the Autobots bumblebee acts as a taxi robot which meets with a girl in the garbage. All The Hidden Autobots are come out from their hidden places. The Transformer 6 has also part.

 All the Part of the movie Transformer is cool and Dangerous. entirely action film and fully Adventureous movie.

Character John Cena and his Role:-  The John Cena is a Professional WWE fighter and in the movie Role as a Police officer. 

Character Hailee Steinfeld and her Role:-  Hailee Steinfeld is Hollywood actress and part-time singer and Pop-dancer. She role as bumblebee partner in the movie Transformer.

Character Bumblebee and His Role:- Bumblebee is an auto-Robot. change in the car and again change in Robots. Bumblebee is a part of the teams Autobots.

The Upcoming movie Transformers 6 Box office

The upcoming movie Transformers 6 is released on 24 July 2019. Its Trailer is release on the youtube in the channel "9 movies". The Trailer is about 7:11 minute and his first-week views are 7,880,484. The movie total investment is in pending... 

Transformers 6 movie release in the country and with the country knowledge.

  •  Release in the USA in the English Language.
  •  Release in India In the Hindi Language. 
Our Country in Pending.... not confirm...

People Comment in the movie Transformers 6  

The People has too much excitement for the Upcoming movie Transformers 6. The blockbuster movie Transformers 6 is named as a bumblebee. The movie Transformer 6 is more creature than other Transformer movies. See the what the People comments after see the movie trailer of Transformers 6 are:-

(1) Black Panther:- Okay this looks legit can't wait.

(2) CyrilYoshimako:- So... It's a not a good Transformers movie, but the Autobots "outfits" looks damn pretty good from old cartoons Transformers.

(3) Musicx Offical:- is this still in continuity with the previous films?

(4) Smurfs-Smurfs:-  It's bumblebee solo movie interesting video because of his role.


Upcoming Movie Transformer 6 Stort Story

The transformer movie starts with a girl (Hailee Steinfeld). The girl doesn't like anything. She thinks her life is boring when she triable form the old movie garbage store. by an incident, she looks an old taxi car. She loved this car and want to bring the car their own house. when Hailee Steinfeld starts repairing the car. The car converted in a Robotic Autobots. She is in fear but after some time she is fear is gone and then touch the face of  Autobots she knows about him. The Hailee car is bumblebee a cute Autobots which don't speak. She helps the bumblebee to find the other hidden Autobots. but in Searching of other Hidden Autobots, it meets with some other Dangerous Robots which are trying to kill the bumblebee but they are not successful to catch or kill of the bumblebee. Some other Dangerous Robot Searching for the bumblebee they deal with USA army time. The USA army tries to catch a bumblebee But always they fail. The bumblebee has two modes one is an angry mode other is a sweet mode. During the fighting with the USA, army bumblebee is converted into an angry movie which too Dangerous for USA army. For Catching The Bumblebee the USA army uses other dangerous robots. At the End The Most popular hero the movie Optimus Prime entry and give a message to the bumblebee to "You must Protect the People" During the fighting with other robots.



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