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Loha Pahalwan new pawan singh bhojpuri 2018 movie HDRip 4 | box office,short story ,basic detail,cast and crew,release.

      " Loha Pahalwan Pawan Singh Bhojpuri HDRip 4 movie  " 

Release Date     

 21 Sep 2018


 2hr 42min



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                                Cast and Crew  

(1):- Director:-  Iqbal Baksh 

(2):- Actor: Pawan Singh

(3):- Actor:- Payas Pandit 

(4):- Actor:- Sushil Singh 

                                                   Box office    

Loha Pahalwan Bhojpuri new full 4k movie download form | Loha Pagalwan movie full shooting in 4k in ram pur village. The movie full of action. This movie about Pahalwani in which has villain ' Sushil Singh ' entry with a dialog " Ram Pur Ke Janta. hamar Bhagwan Nahi Hamar Gulam h".. And the Pawan Singh entry with a ' Dolog ' which is " sharkar Hamar kaam Kathir wari di pahanawale ba. Agar wari di me Kwon gushatakhi bhael ta na report na girafa Tari hoe faisala on the export hoe".

Character Role Pawan Singh                                                                                                                  ' Pawan Singh ' in this movie role as a policeman and also it also fight Dangal Or Pahalwani by which he famous with Loha Pahalwan.

Character Role Sushil Singh                                                                                                                    Sushil Singh Role as Pradhan as well as a Pahalwani trainer in the movie Loha Pahlawan. always want Rampur peoples to be slavery and wants to be boss of Rampur Village.

Character Role Payas Singh                                                                                                                     Payas Singh Role as Heroine in this movie ' Loha Pahalwan ' and she look hot in the movie.


                                       Short Story    

Loha Pahalwan Pawan Singh Bhojpuri new movie 2018. In this Sushil Singh which is a Sarpanch or strong politician with a Pahalwani Trainer whose always win no one win fight with them. Whose always want to Rampur Village be a slavery him in another word it's want to become boss of Rampur village. But Pawan Singh is a policeman who's want to always stop Sushil Singh Dream or another word ' Pawan Singh ' always break the ' Sushil Singh ' Dream.   In this movie 5 total song all the song the best song. Pawan Singh fight with Sushil Singh strong Pahlawan. in the end, Sushil Singh fights with Pawan Singh and we have known always a hero or strong people win. Pawan Singh win.          








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