Wednesday, September 5, 2018

After Avanger infinity war Aventurous movie 2018 | How to kill Most Powerfull thomas | New Hollywood movie

After Avenger infinity war 2018 adventure movie | How to kill the Dangerous Thomas, Thomas has time to refresh stone and other four powerful stone.


     Release Date  
       April 27,2018


                                         Cast and Crew

 Director                                         Written  
  Anthony Russo, Joe Russo                                  Christopher Markus, Stephen      
      In the Avengers infinity war all the superhero killed by the Great Thomas like Doctor strong, Spider-man, black panther, Vision etc. 

 In the 2018 movie avenger infinity war maximum superhero of Avengers movie die by great influential Thomas.and in this movie, Toni stock modified most of part of the Ironman suit. thor come with his new arm to fight with Thomas.  Doctor banner does not come into Halk form it comes with the iron man big suit. other  ' marvel ' movie character are also see in the movie infinity war.  The captain America arm broken use new arm in the movie. the movie fight starts to place once the Uganda and other are another planet which planet Thomas knew well.

Thomas wins all the fight in this movie. After the fight, the great Thomas got all the powerfull stone. and refuse the time stone by which most of the people die. 

   How to kill the most dangerous and powerful The great Thomas at the next part of Avenger infinity, all dead heroes in Avengers infinity war are Reviving by the Toni stock experiment.

  Thomas is a most Powerfull person after getting all the powerful stone. Toni stock and doctor banner make the new advance stronger arm to kill the 'Thomas'. Toni stock does some thing different experiment to reviving the all the dead hero. Then all the heroes with most power full arm fight with thomas to win. and also toni stock modified their iron suit and insert all the arm.In this 2019 or 2020, the Halk will back with their new look and power.



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